The Face Behind Community Pantries: Ana Patricia Non

Ever since the Maginhawa Community Pantry started, more and more people are putting up “pantries” across the nation in hopes to help others. “Give what you can, take what you need,” this was the pantry’s main vision which is being religiously followed by visitors. People take only what they need, and give whatever they can to those who need what they have. This bold, selfless move has now inspired many others to do the same thing, and we can finally say that our faith in humanity is definitely restored.

Several Community Pantries have popped up across the country, with more and more people donating to the cause. While people take what they need (e.g. food, and necessities), they can leave whatever they can (e.g. money or other necessities). In several cities, including Baguio, people have been putting up community pantries for the ones who need them. Unfortunately, there are people who abuse the cause and take more than what they need, and not even give anything in return.

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Now the question remains: who is behind this selfless act? Apparently, the Maginhawa community pantry was started by a down-to-earth woman named Ana Patricia Non. She started the movement out of her kind heart, hoping to help the impoverished community suffering from the aftermath of the COVID-19 Pandemic. Now, more and more people are doing the same thing, making it easier for everyone to wave through the hardships of this new norm.

Kudos to you, Miss Ana Patricia Non!