Community Pantry sa Pasig, Nilimas ng Isang Grupo ng mga Babae

Several Community Pantries have popped up across the country after the Maginhawa Community Pantry was first put up for those who are in need. These community pantries are built for people who need food and items, but couldn’t afford to buy them. They are often left unattended, for others to donate food, money or necessities, while they take only what they need. People are advised to take ONLY the ones they really need, and leave some for the others. Unfortunately, there are still those who choose to abuse the availability of “free” items, so to speak.

A community pantry in Pasig was recently “raided” by a group of women, taking everything they could, including two trays of eggs. They were in such a hurry that some eggs were wasted after they fell on the street as the women rushed to get everything and flee. The pantry owner, Facebook user Carla Quiogue, was devastated when she saw what happened to her “lifetime table and payong”. She shared her experience on Facebook, hoping that other people wouldn’t do the same thing.

Photo Carla Quiogue

Thankfully, many netizens took notice and decided to help Carla by sending monetary and groceries for her to start a new Community Pantry. While the pantry has now recovered, many people continue to contribute to the said pantry, especially when several videos and pictures of the women surfaced online. Hopefully the community pantries across the country flourish with the help of selfless netizens.