Walang Kamalay-malay na Kapitbahay, Nakatanggap ng Halos 20,000 Php Food Delivery

During this pandemic, online shopping has become the norm. Groceries, household items, and even food are delivered to your home without the hassle and dangers of going out to get the food yourself. It is easier and safer, especially for many people who work and stay at home. It is a very easy mode of getting food as well, especially when you just need to enter your name, address, and your phone number when you register.

Unfortunately, delivery platforms such as Grab Food and FoodPanda have been plagued with fake bookers and scammers who cancel their orders for no reason. And in worse cases, unknowing people receive food they didn’t even order! Facebook user SheMae Ilano was shocked when she saw dozens of delivery men in their area, delivering almost 20,000 php worth of food to just one house. To make things worse, the person had no idea about the deliveries and didn’t have that kind of cash on hand.

To help her neighbor, SheMae and some of her relatives decided to take some of the food and pay for it themselves. “Hinarang ko ung pang 16 Mcdo Shake na Grab ang orders sa kanya na 30pcs naiyak na si kuya at nanginig kase matutunaw ung inumin buti me mabuting tao na kamg anak namin ang pinakyaw at pinamigay sa mga kapitbahay,” she said on her post.

“Yung pang 17-20 na riders, worth of 5k na pizza, 5k worth of lechon meals, 5k worth of Popeyes Food. Grabe nanginginig na at umiyak na mga riders sa pangyayari. Pati ako di ko na kinaya sikip ng dibdib ko.”

“Mas mabuti na siguro na “Cashless” or Half payment pag bulk orders na para sating mga oorder para sure ang transaction if ganito nangyayari kawawa mga marangal na tao pagod, puyat, naarawan at nag susumikap makapagtrabaho ng maayos,” she added.

Fortunately for the customer, all the neighbors chipped in to pay for the deliveries. Hopefully, food delivery platforms do something about this kind of scam, especially when there are a lot of lives and jobs involved.