Senior Citizen na may Sintomas ng COVID-19, 11 Ospital ang Pinuntahan Bago Matanggap

With the increase in the number of patients who are suspected of having contracted COVID19, more and more hospitals are filling up their rooms, and even hallways have become makeshift rooms for other desperate patients. Aside from the shortage in rooms, hospitals are getting short on manpower too, making it harder to accept patients who come in everyday.

Unfortunately for Melchie Garcia, both him and his ailing father got caught in the frenzy, almost losing his father’s life in the chaos. Apparently, Garcia’s father had symptoms of COVID19, and was having a hard time breathing. He had very high fever and was extremely fatigued. According to GMA NEWS “24 Oras”, they already reached Pampanga after driving for so many hours looking for a hospital to take them in. They were from Novalichez, Quezon City.

According to Garcia, they had to go to 11 hospitals only to be denied as the hospitals were either short-staffed, or there were no available rooms, or the hospitals weren’t taking patients that could possibly carry COVID19. Garcia tried DOH’s hotline “One Hospital Command Center” to look for an available hospital nearby, only to be told that they were 32nd in line. Knowing they didn’t have that kind of time in their hands, Garcia continued to drive and look for a hospital for his father.

They were only accepted at a hospital in Valenzuela City, where they had to wait another 12 hours as there were a lot of patients waiting in line. “Sabi ko, ‘Pa, lumaban ka. Kahit makarating tayong Batangas, Laguna, makahanap lang tayo ospital,” the worried man told his father as they waited.

As more and more people are getting infected by the deadly virus, the government is advising the public to stay at home and avoid going to crowded places. The number of infected people is growing by the hour, as active cases in the Philippines have reached a staggering 138,948.