Hardware sa Parañaque, Hinahayaang Pumasok ang mga Askal sa Kanilang Gusali

Lives and ways of living have been destroyed after over a year in this COVID-19 pandemic. While the lives of people are important, animals and other living things are actually struggling too. One sad fact about this pandemic is that more and more animals are thrown into the streets because their owners can no longer feed or house them. In the Philippines, dozens of animals die in the streets just because of the terrible, deadly heat. Fortunately, there are still a few people who value the lives of these animals.

Photo Jeanyvee Ferrer

A netizen was touched when a certain hardware in Parañaque was actually allowing stray dogs into their facility. Though the gesture was very simple, the dogs’ lives are saved by simply giving them a cooler place to stay in during the day. While the post’s author wasn’t sure if the dogs were fed, she believes the hardware store is doing a big thing to help the strays. Hopefully, more and more establishments would do the same thing!

As soon as the post went viral, some netizens reached out to her and the hardware store, hoping to be able to help by donating dog food for stray dogs. Many netizens praised Wilcon Depot Parañaque for their heartwarming gesture.

Photo Jeanyvee Ferrer

“SALUDO PO WILCON DEPO PARANAQUE!!! DARATING PO MAS MARAMING BLESSINGS,” one netizen said. “Slamat sa mga taong marunong maawa lalo na ang may are at nag babantay jn na mga tauhan jn,” said another.

Apparently, the said hardware store has been doing the same thing on all their branches. Kudos, Wilcon Depot! Hopefully, more people follow through with your good deeds!