Youtube Couple na JaMill, Inulan ng Batikos Matapos Lumantad ng Isang Netizen

The past year has definitely been hard for many people. Many people lost loved ones, lost their jobs, and lost hope in humanity. These are hard times, that even the rich and popular have no escape. 

It has been a chaotic year for everyone, and celebrities had their own share of scandals and issues. It isn’t easy being in showbiz, especially when the public eye is fixated on them. Everything they do is monitored by fans and followed by haters, making it hard to ‘survive’ the simplest mistakes.

After Jelai and Jon’s second public break-up, there were several couples who followed through. Netizens came out exposing infidelity between celebrity couples, which led to the latter either separating or breaking up. One of the recent scandals is that of YouTube couple Jayzam Manabat and his girlfriend Camille, also known as “JaMill”. 

According to one netizen, Jayzam tried to do something with her, even when he was still in a relationship with Camille. Many fans were shocked as they saw Jayzam as a very loyal boyfriend to the beautiful Camille. With a whopping 5 million subscribers on YouTube and 1.9 million subscribers across social media networks, the issue blew up as soon as the post went viral. Apparently, Jayzam and the said netizen were drinking together with other friends when the YouTube star started to advance on the female netizen. According to her, Jay pulled her to their room’s restroom and kissed her unexpectedly. 

“Pina-shot niya ulit ako… Sabi niya gusto ko raw ba sa loob, bigla niya ako hinila sa CR ng room nila… Bigla niya ako hinalikan. Syempre nagulat ako, tinulak ko siya,” the netizen said on her post. 

The netizen also took the liberty to message Camille about the incident, which the latter didn’t take easily. The netizen was shocked when Camille called her names, which according to her, was said by another person. Fans and netizens are still waiting for the couple’s reaction to the viral post, as Jay’s side has been silent about it since it blew up. JaMill has yet to comment on the issue.

Source(s) Facebook